What is Porte?
This is a cutting-edge label from Jakarta that combines the elements of fashion and photography altogether. The label name inspiration is after the word “portrait”, because we infused essential elements from a photograph into a versatile wardrobe collection ranging from women ready-to-wear to raw mineral accessories.

Who’s behind Porte?
The girls behind Porte are Emily May Gunawan, Rania Sembiring, Tiza Caesara, and Zefanya Kezia. The start of everything is from college friends then developed to creative partners.

Tell us more about Porte!
Basically the main concept is to develop highly coveted products based on conceptual photographs. We want to let people wear a work-of-art into daily life, creating modern framework for individualities. Some may consider Porte as a little bit idealist in terms of design, but we make sure that each piece of our products can be mixed and worn effortlessy with other brands as well.

What inspired Porte?
Traveling and places inspired us very much. Therefore, each collections will be based on a photograph from certain cities. For now, the Delta of Ocean collection has the iconic umbrella photograph that was taken between the sand and sun in Bali.

Why Delta of Ocean? Share the story behind Porte's very first collection.
Our first collection is all about the depth, mystery, and beauty of the sea. You can see them on our color schemes which are dark tones, sandy, colors, combined with bold ones such as navy blue, green tosca, and of course our umbrella pattern.

Imagine Porte’s buyer!
Because most of our products portray structured-design and a wee bit masculine, definitely this is not for girls that want to be pretty, but more for those who are dare to experiment new things, adding Porte to their wardrobe and still be who they really are. Our girls are the ones who dress for themselves.

Where can we find Porte?
You can simply reach us by e-mail to mail [at] portethelabel [dot] com. But currently we’re also having our pop-up store until 31 May 2011. It is located at Mal Kelapa Gading 5, 1st Floor, precisely between Sushi Tei and The Catwalk. Come in and join the fun!