Describe yourself in a word!

So who actually is Emily May Gunawan?
I spent my childhood in Sydney and now reside in Jakarta. My daily days revolve around finishing a degree in Fashion Business, having freelance photography projects, launching a clothing line, and living my life at the moment before I turned 20 next month! Actually I'm not planning to pursue photography as a career per se, but someday I've always wanted to publish a portfolio coffee-table book and to have my own exhibition.

Why photography? Are you interested in any other form of arts?
I'm in love with its ability to somehow deliver my unspoken words. But if I had been given another talent, it would be nice to be able to draw.

Since when did photography ‘captured’ you?
Basically it all started in high school. As I was flicking through works of people around me, I just wanted to create something inspiring like that. I got my first camera from a christmas gift, then I fell in love. I also work best with my sister, Sally Ann. We strengthen each other and she completes my vision.

Who inspired you?
It would be hard for me to pick just one person, as I admire a whole lotta photographers with so damn fine works! Aside of people, I could be inspired by feelings, black and white movies, or all the things I want to be.

What do you think about your own works?
Mostly I shoot for travel and fashion scenes, so it's always a challenge to have a try on other scopes. Never limit yourself.

Tell us more about your freelance projects and clothing line!
My freelance projects revolve around contributing works to magazines and online media. But when I have some spare time, sometimes I come to photoshoot location sets to watch and learn from other photographers as well ☺

And lately, me and my three friends just launched a clothing line that combines photography and fashion, literally. So, the photograph is printed on a fabric then we transform it into versatile designs. The current collection is featuring an umbrella picture that I took during a trip in Bali. I think it's really fun to be able to combine both worlds I love into one work-of-art.

To see more of Emily's lovely works check out www.sallyemily.com!