Text by: Aishanatasha Adisasmita

Dynchav, a name abbreviated from the two founders’s names Chavia Zagita & Dina Fitria is a bag line founded in 2008. In the beginning it started as a small, ordinary retail business that sells and distributes bags from wholesale markets for a cheap price. Though regardless the quick success with selling these bags, Dynchav thought they lacked characteristic, realising that trends change persistently, making their products unmemorable and common to the public eye.

Now, after taking a yearlong hiatus in 2009 re-evaluating, developing and designing, Dynchav has recently launched their debut collection "The Little Adventure of Bunny Girl". Chavia Zagita, the line's representative stated that despite having no educational background in art or fashion, the two of them had always wanted this. Dynchav was "simply a personal dream project" that was created bits by bits, failure after failure therefore even now Dynchav is always constantly expanding its potential and increasing product value by amplifying its quality - making sure the materials used for the products are of exceptional standard.

When asked, "why bags?" the answer was "As a woman we believe that everyone needs a bag to carry their personal items. We create high quality bags to contain a woman's dreams, hope and expectation of luxury, comfort and self satisfaction, not just a regular good looking non-rigid container." This shown by their debut’s official catalogue of The Adventure of Bunny Girl - having a female model the bags instead of having an all-bag catalogue. In terms of target market, Dynchav believes that their products are age-blind though aiming primarily for customers ranged from seventeen year-old teenage girls to women in their early thirties. “From kindergartens to grannies next door” is their motto.

As of now, all purchases are made through Dynchav's sales representative - reachable by text - or through orders by email as the website is currently still under construction. It is much hoped that a real Dynchav store should be opened sometime in the future but their main goal right now is to make Dynchav bags available in many regions all over the world and to continue to subsist in both local and global fashion market.

Official debut catalogue: PDF
To purchase:
info@dynchav.com / +62 85648835474