Two days ago, Dec 15th, was a big day for Nikicio as it launched the latest collection of Femme Resort 2011, The White Oleander. The event took place at the newest and hippest department store The Goods Dept which managed by the creators of Brightspot Market. Nikicio’s collections is one of the local brands that available at the store.

The White Oleander itself has a very interesting story as it is inspired by the powerful movie “White Oleander”, based on the novel by Janet Fitch. It tells a story about a teenager named Astrid and how the journeys she had to went through and experienced the series of foster homes to the other after her mom, Ingrid, goes to prison for committing a crime of murder. Growing up with a single mother who then left her to jail made her grow up fast and rebel.

The movie dominates different shades of blue which can also be seen in the collection. The color from the turbans and the tassel bags also inspired by the color of bed sheets and the idea of travel, which was strongly presented in the story. The long-sleek chic hairdo on the models was also imitating Astrid’s and Ingrid’s straight and simple hairstyle. A few looks from the runway shows a darker sides as well which we could see from the models dressed all-in-black, recalling Astrid’s darker side when she’s breaking out of her shell. Models also walk through the runway wearing the oh-so-edgy Dr. Martens boots.

“Beautiful, Dangerous, Proud.” are the three magic words exemplifying this collection. The movie is quite controversial yet so inspiring in a lot of different ways. Nina Nikicio took the perfect concept showing the feminine yet edgy side. She has succeeded taking the leap to break barrier for the house of Nikicio Femme.

--Amanda Gani