Interview by Amanda Gani, photograpgh by Yaya

Who is Nadia Rachel?
A writer, a film – photography – interior design enthusiast, a believer.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Its impossible to sum up anybody in 3 words. The closest one would be: Jesus, heels, coffee. See what I mean? Impossible!

Since when did you decided to dive into photography?
It was all accidental. In high school, I took photography extra-curricular course, and I fell in love with manual camera. A couple years later, I was introduced to a digital camera, and it changed my life. I thought, “Wow, no one taught me that you can freeze precious moments and preserve it digitally!” That was one of the coolest thing I have ever discovered.

How would you describe your photo style?
It kinda depends on my mood, actually. But lately I’ve been into black and white, it has that historical sense in it. I also love extreme contrast and grain.

Who inspired you and why?
My family. They’re my biggest inspiration. They taught me unconditional love, and it gives another whole meaning to life. I started seeing things with different perspectives.

Why photography?
Its cheap, fast, and you can basically snap anything on the get-go. I would love to make a film, but I don’t have enough dough and guts yet to do it.

Are you interested in any other form of arts?
I’m into films and interior design. I also love creative packaging. I think a good and interesting packaging is the most important factor from a product. It’s the highest selling point. Girls fell in love with Anna Sui make ups because of it’s cute packaging. I wouldn’t buy purple glitter powder if it’s not beautiful.

Best photo you’ve ever took?
I travelled to HK in 2005 and I captured in airplane in between a bridge. It was awesome. Pure snapshot.

Your favorite object to capture?
Buildings and people. A little bit of everything, I guess. I don’t wanna narrow it down to certain boxes.

Your favorite photographer and why?
Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Irving Penn. Inspirational in so many ways. See for yourself: www.helmutnewton.com  www.guybourdin.org

Tell us your exciting experience as a photographer
I don’t really have one (yet), but I’ve always dreamed of shooting wars and conflicts. I’d like to be a photo-journalist.

What are you up to these days?
Mostly writing. I should put the title “wordsmith” on my namecard. Im currently working as SUB Magazine Managing Editor, freelance copywriter, writing film scripts (one is coming out this 2011, titled ENNUI), writing TV scripts, doing some modelling in between (it helps me pay the bills), also attending church seminars and prayer meetings. In my leisure time I like to play with Zoe (my shih-tzu) or just hang out with my family. I’m a family person, really. I stay home most of the time.

What would you rather do; held an exhibition or join in an auction?
Can’t I just have both? (laughs). Exhibition first, then the auction. Or even better, sell it all at the exhibition!

Your thoughts about today’s young photographers?
I think people started to realize that photography is easy and cheap. Its great to see people exploring their realm of photography, expanding their talents, discovering new styles in photography. Every day I always stumbled upon new, young and talented photographers. Its so exciting to see new works and fresh faces, you know.

Any plans for the future?
Get married, have 3 kids, build a walk-in closet, and driving an eco-car around town.