the video is divided into 4 parts;

Part 1 - Dynamic, "Jakarta-on-the-go" - as the opening of the video.

Part 2 - Light and Building (Timelapse Journey through Jakarta), telling the stories of modernisation of Jakarta, the city that never "sleeps", showered with neon lights.

Part 3 - Playground, an unforgettable place for the children of Jakarta,used to be the land for children during the salad days but now, getting cramped due to modernisation process which leads to extinction.

Part 4 - Human, the faces of Jakarta, caught in their daily routines - "bare and stripped", without pretense.

may this 15-minutes video captures, senses and inspires others about Jakarta.

cinematography by Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara
big thanks to Mohamad Taufik Nuh, Nosami Rikadi and Arie Naftalie Hawu Hede

music by Two Steps From Hell and John Stanford

© Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara