Rockin' the Region | Indonesia

Written and photographed by Debra Raymond

Whoever that went to the Theater on the Bay, Esplanade (Singapore) last weekend, Friday 1st to Sun 3rd April 2011, was greatly entertained, thanks to Rockin' the Region | Indonesia! They have successfully introduces three bands from Indonesia, which offers variety of sounds. 

We were thrilled to experience live of L’Alphalpha’s debut album ‘When We Awake All Dreams Are Gone’ as the opening of the event, which offers a dreamy and whimsical music just like singing lullabies to the audience. Their experimental sound using found objects like the whistle birds, bicycle bells, and bags of coins suggest a warm feeling that brings the audience back to childhood memories.

Then Leonardo, the quirky guy from Jakarta, sings with his crispy voice sharing folk stories accompanied by ‘the dancing kangaroos’ how he named his band members that use sexy music instruments like Saxophone. Claimed himself as a Rock n Roll band, but sure his big band essence music made the audience swing like its 60s! 

The night was ended perfectly with a slow and soothing sound by The Milo. Simple arrangement played by a quiet group of people from Bandung as compare to the previous performers, The Milo left the audience with a calming and chill feeling. Songs like ‘Romantic Purple’ which is just nice for having them to windup the event.

So proud of Indonesian bands, hope there will be more exposure like this to come!