Who is Danya Sjadzali?
I was born and bred in Jakarta. I always think that I’m very quiet but I’m working on it! I live in England, studying fashion design, and hoping to stay here for a few more years after I graduate – but let see what the future brings. And because of what I do, being out and about is a bit lacking these days. I stay up late with friends… for pre-deadline all-nighters. That’s our nightlife.

Describe yourself in a word

Why fashion design?
Because fashion has always been, and will always be relevant to our lives. It’s so rich in history that it will continue to develop; and I want to be a part of it.

Who inspired you?
Ratmini Soedjatomoko, my grandma. It’s amazing how she has been living her life with that much talent and achievements. She inspired me to have an eventful and adventurous life.

What makes your design distinctive?
They’re not. Not yet, I hope. I still haven’t found my distinct style when it comes to designing. But for now, I have a strong belief that decorations are really not necessary. It’s all about the craftsmanship in perfecting the basics. But I change my mind a lot.

Tell FUR your experience and achievements!
In high school, I managed to arrange my own fashion show – with help from dear friends which I still can’t thank enough. The collection shows a lot of draping using my family’s personal collection of traditional fabrics – different kinds of batik and some ikat and tenun. As part of last year’s Year 0 project, I recycled some garments and reconstructed them; and they got chosen – along with some others – to be sold at the opening of Mind’s Charity Shop (an organisation that helps people with mental illness) in Brighton, England. And the latest one was an internship with Carmanita, where I learnt so much about different areas in manufacturing – especially in making contemporary batik that I love so much!

What do you want to share through your works?
Well, I can’t anything through my work yet, but I hope in the future I can say that perfection does exist. Haha, too ambitious, perhaps?

Your biggest dream?
I really want to have shows at London Fashion Week, after I’m fed up with England’s gloomy weather I’ll go back home to Indonesia and make Indonesia one of the world’s fashion capitals – and I think it’s one of the ways to increase the welfare of the people.

If your design is a human what would it be like?
It would be a plain looking woman but when you look closer, you can see a certain twist in her character.