EXHIBITION : INDIA ANNO 85, 30 photo light boxes  by Mie Cornoedus
Sangam House Indian Restorant, Boutique, Yoga Center and more...
Jl Pandega Siwi, 14 @ Jalan Kaliurang Km 5.6
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
April, 15 - 29th 2011

1985-1986 I spent traveling through India. It was my first big journey, and my eyes were opened to the diversity and beauty that exists “out there”, in the world.

India has an endless supply of color and wonderful, often bizarre, compositions. Photography becomes such a limited medium of expression as India, more than any place I have seen, is so much more than what meets the eye. The smells and sounds are an integral part of the traveling experience, and capturing the atmosphere using only a visual expression is what I find compelling about photography.

This exhibition is just a tiny sample of the photo’s I took. I tried to capture what contrasted most to my own cultural baggage, and scenes that tugged at my emotions, often in different directions simultaneously.

These images are nearly 25 years old, and when compared with my more recent work from India, they still seemed relevant. India is among the fastest growing nations and cultures in the word, and somehow, at this visual level, development and change doesn’t strike evenly. To mark distance in time, I was led to reflect on the changes in technology at the hands of the photographer that more than the motives themselves set old and new photos apart.

Mie Cornoedus