Interview by Amanda Gani               
What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the word “beachwear”? Obviously sexy bikinis. But what happens when bikinis and fashion mixed into one piece? SEVES is the perfect brand to represents the two. While most beachwear can be too “hot”, SEVES shows a way to be without showing too much skin and can still look fabulous. With that much beachwears that available in the market, most are offering  style without a touch of fashion. One of the owner member, Rical Ardani, adds We see this as an opportunity to make SEVES as the role model for beachwear line. In addition to high qualities, SEVES also guarantees its comfort in a very attractive price. Not just for the females, this line is available for the males as well.

Started from a fairy tale “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas”, which defines the final destination for Sinbad, where SEVES is the result of a process that run by our team after a “travel through the Seves Seas”. We take the word ‘Seven Seas’ which were later combined into SEVES.

Tell us about the concept? 
SEVES’s concept is apparel for swimming, vacation, and leisure that are proper and polite; what we meant by proper and polite is that we still prefer the Eastern culture where it was required to dressed politely and could still be fashionable.

What makes Seves create a swimwear collection? 
We see nearly all swimwear that sold in Jakarta wasn’t fashionable. Most products that were too cover up tend to look very “sporty” and unfashionable, while the fashionable ones were too “revealing”. So we decided to combine these two things, creating a fashionable swimwear but still proper and polite.

What’s your inspiration for every product? 
SEVES’s design influenced a lot by the style of dress from the era of the 50’s, where at the time it was filled with the ideology of modest yet sophisticated which makes the right concept for SEVES; and also the 50’s was the era of originality and everlasting.

What’s your character?
Fun, colorful, but not too much. We combine colorful print with basic colors which still remain “cheerful”.  However, our main priority is to keep it comfortable to wear in any body type.

Besides swimwear, what else do you provide?
SEVES’s collection consists of swimwear and beachwear for men and women.

What separate SEVES from other brand? 
The range of products that SEVES offers are different than others. Plus the value of it’s apparel menswear, for instance, is also wearable for playing sports or attenting events. Some of our pieces are multifunction to use in variety ways, for example our functional tube and our maxi dress

What’s SEVES future plan? 
Our short term goals are aiming to start the retail business in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, published widely and received by the market. The long-term goals are dealing with line accessories and go international.

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