A second year student at ITB majoring interior design who found an interest in photography. the other hand just started made an own clothing line named BENE located in Bandung,west java - INDONESIA.
Food,Fashion and Fun would be my prior attention in the whole life.

How to keep your creativity works?
exploring materials,technique,and subject mainly the most first thing, but what you musn't forget is to keep your body and your mind fresh. generous ideas and also creativity works great when you had excellent stamina in fit condition.
What is your works talk about or inspired from?
mostly mine talk about thought or feeling that couldn't worded by alphabets. the picture it self i tried to catch, would tell people how and what i feel at the moment.

Your future plan
since i've been studying interior design, became a great interior designer would be my top goal, beside that gaining my photography skills would also be on my list.