Who the heck am I? Let's start from this. I am Natasha Estelle Djuhandi, 19 this year. You don't have to memorize my last name as I am planning to change it in a few years *coughs*. If for you photographers don't overdo or over-edit their stuffs, then I'm not putting any obligatory feeling on you to see me as a photographer whatsoever
I go to the Art Institute of Portland and I am majoring in Photography & Design. Other than photographing, I do sketches and designs.

How to keep your creativity works?
Tough question. How do I keep my creativity in working condition? Everyday lots of feelings are coming through, lots of beautiful things passing by, I encounter outlandish people, hear uncanny stories, run into strange incidents, and not everything makes sense, and most things work in the most unconventional way.

Beautiful things are my passion, and my passion makes me want to create just whenever I am inspired, which is most of the time. This is why I am here holding gouache, colored-papers, and camera instead of calculators.

What is your works talk about or inspired from?
I am inspired by things around me. I am inspired by highly-inspired people. I am inspired when I get scared or when I imagine things that don't exist. Most of my arranged-works are what I dream of, or what I'm horrified at.

Enough with life-experience talk, I am inspired by Annie Leibovitz (as it can't get even more cliché than Annie), Richard Avedon, Su Lyn Ng, Karl Lagerfeld, Voltaire, Crystal Castles, and my boyfriend's love and support.

Your future plan
To live a simple life in a nice condo in the city with a happy family.
And to shoot for Vogue.
And to have my work exhibited in Paris.
And to go to Monaco.