Kübra Kaçtıoğlu.

I am Kübra Kaçtıoğlu. I was born in the year of 1988, İstanbul and I have not died yet. I have interested in photography for long years. However; it has been too late for me to buy a camera and start taking photos. Actually some sort of impossibilities causes this long waiting process. Now, I’m not trying to tell what I see by the camera but I want to express what I feel about the photography.

I am so fussy and I’m good at making complaint about things like “My camera does not make me satisfied”, “I do even not have a tripod”, “It is difficult to find a model” or “I hide my camera in a hat”. If you ask me why I choose photography, all I can say that I m not talented at the things, which are active and fluent. Taking a photo is my lifestyle because I generally live in past and I’m stuck in memories in my daily life. By this way I have a power to prevent the time to go on.

It is too early to talk about “my style” but I give examples about photos, which I like taking. I generally do not use a human face in my photos. Although I’m called as foot fetishist, this face stuff is not relevant with my foot fetishism. If there is any facial expression or mimic in a photo, a person, who look at it, gets the same emotion. So I do not like the idea of making people to get it what I try to show in a photo and also I don’t want to get them same emotion, which I give in the photo. My wish is that I want to make people feel different emotions and find something, which belong to their inner worlds or personalities when they look at my photos. If I do not feel anything when I look at any photo, I call them just as “good job” whether they have true angle and excellent inflection or not. The last thing I want to say that in my opinion, taking a photo is a good stuff.