Starting in late 2009, Sakti Ardika with his friends (Ghellar M Fasah), bored with the existing design in the shop local distributions, and at that time a friend asked to try to make something new, with a simple touch of the work and also elegant. And that's when we all think of an appropriate name for our products, from one suggestion of a friend if given a long name that will look unique and special. but we were wondering what a decent and interesting. when there's also an interesting words from a friend he calls it the"ISWEARTHISISNOTYOURS"

Apa yang kami ingin sampaikan adalah aspirasi hati,pikiran dan emosi.bukan hanya menjual bahan berkualitas yang kami olah menjadi sebuah pakaian yang layak pakai tapi kami ingin anda terlibat dalam jiwa dan emosi yang kami sampaikan oleh karya-karya kami. ISWEARTHISISNOTYOURS Made with love !