by Fadhly Muhammad

How did you get yourself into the world of drawing?
Started quite early. I was 10 or so when I started drawing courses, but it was earlier age when I realized I love drawing :)

What do you like the most about it?
One thing I like about drawing, you get to be whoever you want to be, and say whatever you wish to say. It’s like a media without restrictions.

Describe your process to create a drawing and what kind of materials you prefer to use?
Pencils, any kind of papers, wacom, Photoshop, acrylic, drawing pen, markers. All good.

Concept wise, I’m into Escher and Dali.
Style, I love James Jean’s, details, I love Nicholas Digenova, Jean Honore Fragonard’s, Monet, Seurat Eccentricity and content, I love Yuko Shimizu and Audrey Kawasaki.
Feel, I love Lykke Li’s, chick on speed

Tell us a bit about your mural project on 365 eco bar…
Well the concept is about human and what we do to the earth and what will we cause if we keep doing it. It is simply the aftermath to what we do. You reap what you sow. In this case we created an image of mutants and other creatures, that happens to be our perception on a new level of evolution. There’s also a message of how human and the nature should live side by side, and not against each other.

On Elle Magazine, you drew a girl and a chihuahua, what was going on your mind when you created it?
Elle magazine. That’s Kenzo’s 2011 spring / summer collection I drew over there. Did a little research before i started drawing, apparently Antonio Maras the current Kenzo designer did some cross cultural design on the dresses, and the chihuahua was a representation of different cultures also, as according to the history, the breed’s the ancestors came from mexico, but in the other hand, some said it’s from Egypt, and also brought to somewhere in europe. as per today, it’s just everywhere. Beside, it is also the niche symbolization of fashion today, along with french bulldog any other dog breed.

Name your top 3 bookmarked sites…
Facebook, deliciou.us, the fox is black

What would you do if you’re not an artist?
A graphic designer. Or a fraud.

Future / current projects?
Nothing much. mostly graphic design projects. But I am now trying to come up with a drawing for a friend’s tatt. That’s not a project rite?