Aling Chen, she real name is Wan-Ling Chen. She was born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan. After graduating from National Taiwan University of Arts, She worked as a graphic designer for two years, including designing graphics for kids clothing. After that, She became a freelance illustrator, because She realized that painting is what She love the most when she illustrated her first childrenbook in 2009.
Aling have liked to paint since she was a kid. Aling started to paint at the age of six, when she picked up a sketch book at the bookstore.
“I didn’t study art until college. When I was little, I just observed everything in my life, and painted it in my own way.”

“What is your reason to do art?”
“I want to tell people what I feel through my creation. It is my language. It is how I talk to the world.
At the same time, I can explore possibilities within my imagination.”
“What does it feel to make art?”
“I feel really happy and satisfied when I am doing it. I want to share my humor and imagination through my works.”
“I want to have my own office, and show my works in many different ways in order to take my art to the people. “

” What are your preferable mediums? Why ?”
“I don’t favor any particular mediums, but I use both the computer and the pencil drawing often. The computer can be used to create many different visual effects. The pencil drawing can give works vitality and make them unique.”

“Who inspired you?
The environment and people around me inspired me. They are my topics most of the time.

“Tell me about Taiwan....”
“Taiwan is the most beautiful island in Asia. This island was enabled by honest and friendly natures of people in Taiwan. Not to mention the most well-known food and landscape, one of the biggest attractions here is the unique sensibility in art. This year ART TAIPEI's project "Made in Taiwan" gained many international viewers' attentions.
Our artists' works illustrate our notions of the country. I hope that artists in Taiwan will gain more opportunities to participate in the foreign art market in the future “
“I think it just really nice”

“Any interesting experiences when you make artworks? tell me...”
“For me, each individual experience of work is unique and interesting. It always brings me to "arrive" at another"place" via the childish contours and bright colors that popped out of my work. In "there" I talk to them, and it provides me with a new way of looking at the world around them.”

“Hmm…so whats your next project?”
“I am going to design and illustrate pictures for T-shirts”
“Welcome to visit my blog: www.alingchen.blogspot.com to see my current projects. I hope you will like it.”
“I did”