"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” / Eleanor Roosevelt
There is neither definite beginning nor an ending to a dream. No matter precise or blurry fragments of mementos; NIKICIO presents MIXTE Vol: 06-Untitled. An all black ensemble of 28 designs incorporating varieties of textures from knitwear to nappa leather, from organdy to tencel, the collection evokes what NIKICIO stands from day one; a premium surrealist. Inspired by the “Inception” movie application found in iPod touch, the trip takes one to be in a limbo; a state of
static but knowing everything is revolving. The unisex collection spoke of dreams realized in designs; tank tops in the collection feature double layers, which represent the illusory qualities of dreams. The collection also features a limited rectangular acrylic-made transparent clutch. Standing on the primary concept
grounds that MIXTE is a collection that banishes barriers that fashion should not be defined by gender or a season, the Untitled collection brings its own perception of the future; black, undefined, beautiful.

A full length series of video campaign will be up and running at  www.nikicio.com by April 20th, 2011
The collection will be launched first during 4 days event at Brightspot Market, Jakarta, Indonesia, starting 28 April 2011.