FUR FREE #2 (Coming Soon)

Indonesian version

Interview with Kara Andarini by Larasya Nayenggita
Interview with Jordan Marzuki by Tampan Destawan S
Short Story by Kanya Stira Sjahrir
Poems by Dwi Rahariyoso

- free poster, artwork by Kara Andarini
- pattern by Mathiole
- Paper : Bookpaper 70gr

What is FUR Free?
FUR Free is our newborn bambino which, like its older sibling, compiled articles (features and interviews) and artworks. A miniature and, as the name suggest, free version of FUR Magazine. This cub will be published monthly and available in various places around your cities. Unfortunately, in the meanwhile we are only available in Jakarta, Jogja, Malang, Bandung, Surabaya, and Singapore.

Please do check our blog regularly for more information about the availabilities and locations to pick up your personal copy of FUR Free.