Interview by: Zilla Christy

I make a promise with one woman who can be interview. I don’t know her name.  Actually I contact with her at many times since two days ago from the message phone. But I hope she is a founder not a keeper in there. It’s around 5.00 PM, I came in there.  I looked two woman sit in front of Little Garage. They are very humble to me. But my eyes still looked just one woman. Yeah, she is very different than the other one. I swear.  She looks cool, ethnic, simply and very pretty. She wears long ethnic skirt and white blouse. I had a long conversation with the one of founder Little Garage, Elda Suryani. A youthful (I presume she is about 20-25 years old, but I was wrong, LOL) and artsy woman because I looked cute tattoo in her chin (exactly under from chin).  Then we started conversation.

What is Little Garage? Tell me about how can be The Little Garage like now.
Me, Elda Suryani (Elda), Melinda Ari Siska (Alin) , dan Atiek Hendriyanti (Yanti) are Little Garage’s founder since 2009. First, I know Alin. Alin is my partner in Prambors, Jogja. But we were resigned. Alin and me (Elda) has passion to hunt a cool and second clothes.  After that, when I was wear my hunts, my friend is want my hunts too.  My friend is always request to buy the same unique clothes like I wear. From that impact, I wish and hope to build maybe a boutique or coffee shop or tea shop. Actually, I would like to investment. But I don’t know how to concrete thing like the one that I imagine. Then I acquainted with Yanti from Jakarta. She is a photographer and answered my imagine bout Little Garage. Little Garage is the place shop where you can find the limited stuff or only one piece and many things bout vintage.

Why you choose the name is “Little Garage”? Don’t u want to be the creator of the big garage?
My shop located in front of big street, but my shop is little but you can find like treasure. Then garage is mean image to humble with the others. If I have the big garage, it will filled by local handmade designers. But little garage still filled which things vintage section :D

Then u said your things are vintage. So, are you always sell a second things?
Not always, but almost. Sometime I create the hairpin, necklace etc which handmade. Then I take relation with Ojanto (pouch and canvas bag),  Player Magic Hands (necklace handmade), Summer and Spring (handmade shirt), Forget Me Not (accessories) , and Alaala shop (boots and shoes)

Please describe the founder’s style.
Me         : hippie, boheme , gipsy, YJapan, electic
Aline      : currently, semi sporty
Yanti      : tomboy

Who are some designers you love and why?
Marc Jacob for making the best spring summer 2011 collection. 70's

Where is Little Garage’s things we can shop?
Only in Little Garage. You can shop or just come at Jl. Cik Di Tiro No. 36, Yogyakarta

Have you promote Little Garage?
Every purchase minimal 50.000 IDR, get a handmade pouch. Just it.

Why you didn’t promote with open shop online?
I want to show what happen in here J I’ts different between the real and unreal sensation if I make Little Garage in online shop. Then, I’m so afraid if the consumer’s hope and my imagine was different. I want make the consumer of Little Garage was satisfied and very interested. I don’t want to make skeptic people.

Do you ever make the garage sale?(If this answer is ever, would u make the garage sale again?)
Yes, I ever. But I worry about it. If I make garage sale again, the result is no one thing in here. Actually we found it from our lucky.  Then sincere my things had slanting price. Little Garage was different with the things from another shop.  Another shop price is from high, but Little Garage price is from middle.

Where are the things from?
Jakarta, Jogja and Vietnam. I bought many handmade from Vietnam. Handmade from there is so unique.

What age that might be your purpose?
I think the consumer of Little Garage is university student, but the reality from Junior High School until momma still like and buy the things in here

What things usually bought by the consumer?
JHS: hairpin and jacket, Momma: shall and bag, and Worker: skirt

What price range in Little Garage?
It’s around 30.000 ID – 100.000 IDR. So I don’t accepted credit card or atm card

What advice would you have for aspiring founder of the boutique starting out?
Show some personality into it but stay authentic

Five words Little Garage
Unique, homy, roomy, little and humble

Would you rather choose:

Fashion magazine or fashion blog
It was balance. I like to read NYLON and teen Vogue and browsing random of fashion blog. I follow gipsystardust.blogspot.com ; garancedore.blogspot.com, and Crystal C. whatisrealityanyway.blogspot.com  etc

Alexa Chung or Chloe Sevigny

British Woman or Japan Woman
Anyone French woman?

Bowler hat or headwraps

Editors Note:
Elda was kind enough to share her skill in fashion.  She always gives advice to the consumer what did must her suitable.

Tiffany said, “It’s comfortable and like home in here. The smell is really good”
Buyer and foreigner from France

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