James Gulliver Hancock feels horrible when he's not drawing. He panics that he may not be able to draw everything in the world, at least once. He's anxious to close his eyes.

How I got here, I don't know, I do remember in pre-school refusing to move on to the next activity after painting, instead devising the most complex image I could think, of at the time... a city of houses including every detail, every person, and every spider web between every house. I still have the drawing.... It was a cunning plan that has since seen me work for major print, TV and music publishing releases. I have also participated in visually artistic projects in Indonesia, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, USA and the UK, taking my whimsical perception around the world. I also started a gallery in Sydney, Australia which ran for 5 years, and am currently based in Brooklyn trying to draw all the buildings in New York.