Halo, my name's toro elmar. im 22, im from Jakarta. you know, i dont really like labelling myself, is it as an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, or else. let people label me. I do Illustration,
i do design,and many. i do everything what i like, and i like what i do. Now im finishing my study as Visual Comunication Design in Jakarta Institute of Arts.

How to keep your creativity works?
It is pretty easy, just looking around me. get one thing, and think at that one, and discover everything from them. Thats why i don't always do Illustration, or design. Sometimes my works are photography, or instalation. I just dont want to limit myself at one thing. my brain is limitless :). And also, like henry rollins said, Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and YOUR MIND SHARP. after that, creative things always come in every micro second.

What is your works talk about or inspired from?
mostly about social thing, life, and love. Inspired from everything, from my friends, family, quotes from internet, from news, and even from my cats.

How to reach you?
www.toroelmar.com (its all of my portfolio website)
www.toroelmar.tumblr.com (its my graphic diary/comics page)

Your future plan
graduate from college, get a job, keep making things, do many new projects, make a new album with my band, starting first page of my full graphic novel (hope so), whoa! so many. hope it all work together fine.

Any message?
hmm.. i believe Art still have a power to change people. i dont know is it perspective, lifestyle, or their entire life. So it's not just about visually beautiful, or looking good. Art need to have a message, have something that people think.